Do I need to make an appointment for my scan?

You do not need an appointment for an X-ray - simply attend one of our practices with your referral and we will fit you in.

For all other scans - CT, Ultrasound - you will need to make an appointment prior.

What preparation is required for my scan?

Preparation can vary depending on the type of scan and the body part being scanned.

For CT that requires IV Contrast, you will need to keep well hydrated and nothing to eat 2 hours prior to the scan.

Ultrasounds of the abdomen and pelvis usually require you to fast or have a full bladder.

The receptionist will inform you of the preparation at the time of booking.

How long does my scan take?

This will depend on the type of scan.

An X-ray will only take 5-10 minutes.

Ultrasound and CT usually take 15-20 minutes.

Is my scan painful?

Diagnostic scans are generally painless.

CT that requires IV Contrast will require a small needle, similar to a blood test.

During an Ultrasound you may experience some pressure from the probe on your skin.

Should I be concerned about radiation from my scan?

Despite what you may hear, the radiation levels used in diagnostic scans are very small and are considered safe to have every now and again. CT scans use slightly higher radiation levels than x-ray, but they are still well within safe limits.

Radiation can be harmful to unborn babies so please tell a staff member if you are (or think you may be) pregnant before having your scan.

How long will my scan results take?

Allow 24-48 hours for your scan results. These will be electronically sent back to your referrer. You can collect your images and results from our practice after this time if needed.